Kroger Challenges 7/3/14

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This is a great mega event to stock up on items for your family and for your favorite charity. Below I have listed 3 different Kroger Challenges to help you make the most of $5 regardless of your couponing preference. Share this list with friends, and see how much you can impact your community by working together!



Easy Pleasey

(aka “Just tell me what to add to my list, no coupons please!”)
Buy 5 Skinner Pasta @ $0.38 each (mega event)
Buy 1 Kroger Peanut Butter @ $2.49 (mega event)
Total before tax: $4.39
**If you have a peanut-free facility, substitute the 4 pk Easy Mac for $2.99


Kroger Pro

(aka “I don’t mind adding Kroger digital coupons to save money.”)
Buy 1 Pop-Secret Popcorn @ $1.49 (mega event)
Buy 2 Hefty Storage Bags @ $0.99 each (mega event)
Buy 3 Kool-Aid, Tang, or Country Time Drink Mixes @ $0.99 each (mega event)
-Use $1 Pop-Secret Kroger digital coupon and $1/2 Hefty Kroger digital coupon
Total before tax and after coupons: $4.44



Couponer Extraordinaire

(aka “I like printing coupons and all the other ways to save money.”)

Buy 4 Garden Delight Ronzoni Pasta @ $0.49 each (mega event)
Buy 1 Golden Grahams @ $1.49 (mega event)
Buy 1 Hamburger Helper @ $0.99 (mega event)
Buy 2 Lady Speed Stick Deodorant @ $0.89 each (mega event)
Buy 1 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, 5 pk @ $3.49 (mega event)
Buy 2 Hefty Storage Bags @ $0.99 each (mega event)
Buy 1 Skinner Pasta @ $0.38 each (mega event)
Buy 1 Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner Cup @ $1
Buy 1 Dial Soap, 2 pk @ $1 (thru 7/15)
-Use two $1/2 Ronzoni printable, $0.75 Golden Grahams printable, $0.50 Hamburger Helper Kroger digital coupon, two $0.50 Lady Speed Stick printable, Free Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner Cup when you buy a Dinner 5 pk printable, $1/2 Hefty printable
Total before tax and after coupons: $7.82

-Receive $0.75 Golden Grahams Saving Star credit, $0.50 Hamburger Helper Saving Star credit, $1 Dial Ibotta credit,
Total after credits: $5.57


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Do you have any suggestions regarding printing the Ronzoni coupons if I tried to print them and my printer settings were off and now it’s telling me that I have already printed it?


So sorry that happened to you, Emily! Those settings have frustrated me, too. I don’t know of anything else that computer can do until they “reset” the coupon allowing for more prints, and who knows if/ when that would be. Best thing is to get a friend’s computer to print them, either on your printer or their own. Each computer gets 2 prints for most coupon sites. But first, do a trial run with the other Ronzoni coupon on that page to make sure their computer is set up correctly. Hope that helps!

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