Box Tops for Education App

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Box Tops for Education now has an app that you can use to earn extra Box Tops money for your local school!

It is a free app for both Apple and Android users. You will need a Box Tops login to select the school you want to earn money for, but you can create one through the app if you do not have one.

Basically, it is a receipt-scanning app that has active offers for about a month. The offers will change monthly to other items that have Box Tops. You select the items you purchased, and then scan your receipt. As a bonus, you can still turn in the Box Tops on the packages!!

There are also special promotions for various grocery stores each month. Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, HEB, ingles, and WinCo Foods are some of the major chains with these offers.

I made a quick introductory video for my children’s school and wanted to share it here as well. I will do a video on how to upload a receipt soon.



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