Disclosure Policy

CouponingForCharities is a blog dedicated to helping you save money while donating to charities in the hope that you will be able to donate more. All of the deals and links found here are to help you reach that goal.

At the same time, I believe it is acceptable for me to be compensated for the work I do on the blog. There are expenses to be maintained for a blog such as server space and domain registration. Even ministries to others don’t get out of those costs! And as God sees fit to grow this blog and its impact in the community, I am comfortable with receiving payment for my time and effort spent in price shopping and updating lists for everyone’s benefit.

These compensations may come in the form of affiliate links for coupons and freebies or through sidebar ads. Not every post will potentially earn me money, but I will put a disclaimer at the bottom of those posts that include my referral. You may choose to click-through my link, or manually type in the URL yourself to find the deal. Either way you choose, the blog will still be serving its purpose in saving you money to purchase needed items for others.

Making money is not my first priority, so rest assured my focus will be on you and your charities. If it is not a deal I would personally consider to purchase for a charity, I will not post it. CouponingForCharities.com is a place you can feel safe, and I will strive to be upfront and honest in all I write.

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