Fall Life in MS and The Daniel Plan

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. I love the pumpkins, the trees, cool mornings, and getting to wear boots. This is arguably my favorite time of year, but this fall has also been a season of changes for me.



Our daughter started kindergarten, and that has been quite the routine-changer itself. Packed lunches every day and strict earlier bedtimes are new in our house, but I think we have all mostly adjusted. She is loving it, and I enjoy seeing her excitement as she makes new friends and learns new things.




I also made a personal change to become more physically fit. Not that I have ever been in great shape, but now I am finally doing something to combat my unhealthy weight. Going to the YMCA sporadically during the summer obviously didn’t cut it, so I committed to going to classes four mornings a week after making the school and Mother’s Day Out runs.

These two changes introduced a lot more driving and more time away from home for me. Something had to give to accommodate them, so for awhile you may have noticed I did not do as many blog posts. The basics and best deals/freebies I could find made their way onto the blog, and I hope they have still been helpful for you.

But something else has also captured my attention and has led me to question some of the grocery posts I put on Couponing For Charities.



The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan

The YMCA offered The Daniel Plan group study. We had made small food changes as a family over the years, but I knew to get real results weight-wise I would need more guidance on better eating.

The introductory session left me intrigued. It wasn’t solely a diet plan or a fitness plan. Instead, it was a “health-style” change. By allowing your faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends to work together, your overall health will improve. The motivation is to be healthier so you can better experience life spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

So I ordered the book and cookbook, and looked on the website for information until they were delivered. Some of the stuff I “knew” but had never incorporated. Some of the concepts were eye-openers. (Did you know today’s wheat has been genetically engineered and changed from the wheat of Biblical times?)

A few of the ingredients in their recipes were new to me. So, I had to take more time and look at Kroger, Walmart, etc trying to find them and where the best prices were. They did cost more upfront, but it balances a little since I am not paying for all the “normal” stuff I had been buying. It also helped to only buy a few things every trip or two. I have already noticed some health improvements, and I like the fact that I am paying for real, whole foods instead of chemicals that are cheaper and can do harm to my body.



So how does this affect my blog?

I had to ask myself, if there were foods I no longer wanted to feed my family, should I still get them for food pantries even if they are free or inexpensive?

The Daniel Plan points out that real foods have the power to heal our bodies, but the convenient and processed foods are designed to be addictive and contain anti-nutrients that lead to many chronic diseases.

So, if we are donating these poor-quality foods, then when the food-pantry patrons are able to buy food on their own, will they keep buying the same processed foods that will be detrimental to their health? Should we instead try to watch for sales on basic nutrition-dense foods like rice, beans, and whole-wheat pasta?

I may be taking this too deep, but I am still concerned and have begun researching journals for correlations of donations and nutrition. I have also started a list of questions to ask local food banks for when I call to interview or visit in the next few weeks.

Hopefully I can have some answers before the big Thanksgiving food drives. I am sure hungry people will still appreciate any food in their belly, but I’d like to know I’m giving them the best food I can.



Do you have some thoughts on this subject? Or on The Daniel Plan? I’d love to hear them below!


Kroger Delta Deals 10/22/14

Kroger Delta has a few Super Coupons that you can use up to 5x in one transaction, but there are not near as many as there usually are.

Do look for great deals on pears, craisins, and toothbrushes!



Produce & Meat

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgLarge Gala or Fuji Apples – $0.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgBartlett, Bosc, or Red Pears – $0.99/lb
-Receive 20% Saving Star credit (exp 10/27)
=As low as $0.79/lb

Large Pomegranates – 2/$4

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgFresh Selections Baby Carrots, 1 lb – $1
Jumbo Russet Potatoes, 8 lb – $3.99

Red Tomatoes on the Vine – $0.99/lb

Pumpkins – $3.99

Heritage Farm Whole Fryer – $0.99/lb

Boneless Pork Loin – $2.99/lb

Pride of the Farm Turkey Breast, frozen and bone-in – $1.69/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgExtra-Large White Shrimp, raw 31-40 ct – $7.99/lb
*Sold in 2-lb frozen package for $15.98

Chef Jenn Seafood Dip – B1G1 Free
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Picaboo $75 Voucher for only $25!

Picaboo 25


Do you have some photo books or photo gifts you want to make for the holidays? Now is a great time to buy a voucher to and save 67% on creating items for yourself or for Christmas! Pay $25 and receive a voucher worth $75 on Picaboo.

The voucher counts toward any products (excl Picaboo yearbooks). This includes photo books, cards, calendars, canvas, posters, photo panels, prints, and phone or tablet cases.

You can purchase more than one voucher, but there is a limit of one voucher redeemed per order. The promotional value expires January 13, 2015, so you have plenty of time to use them before or after the holidays.


Or, if you only need a small item, they also have a Free Shipping promotion when you spend $30 or more. Unfortunately, the voucher cannot be combined with this promotion.



Note: Some of the links above are my referral links. You can read my disclosure policy here.


Friday Freebies – Triscuit & Taco Seasoning

This week there are two great Friday Freebies. Remember that if your family won’t use them, these non-perishable items can be donated to food drives that will be starting up soon for the holidays!


Triscuit Thin CrispsKroger has a digital coupon for a free box of Triscuit Thin Crisps. It looks like they come in a variety of flavors. Download the coupon today, and you have until 11/1/14 to use it!



Ortega Taco SeasoningThe Saving Star offer is for a free pack of Ortega Taco Seasoning. Purchase it this weekend, and you will receive 100% credit back into your Saving Star account.





Note: Some of the links above are my referral links. You can read my disclosure policy here.


Kroger Delta Deals 10/15/14

The Kroger Delta deals are starting to have some great baking prices. There are also lots of good produce and seafood deals this week. I am still fairly new to reporting seafood prices, but I marked the ones that looked especially low to comparable items.

There is also a Free Egg promotion within the organic/natural section.



Produce & Meat

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgWhole Pineapple – 2/$3

Kiwi, 1 lb – 2/$3

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgGala Apples, 5 lb bag – $3.99
-Receive $0.25 Checkout 51 credit (starts 10/16)
=As low as $0.75/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgRed, Yellow, or Orange Bell Peppers – 4/$5

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgButter Red or Gold Potatoes, 5 lb bag – 2/$5

Avocados – $0.99
-Possibly use Free Rotel can when you buy 3 Avocados from Mexico in 9/21 Red Plum insert

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSimple Truth Organic Whole Carrots, 2 lb – $1.48
Organic Kale – $0.99

USDA Choice Strip Steaks – $7.99/lb

Half Pork Rib or Pork Chop, bone-in value pack – $2.49/lb

Pork Boston Butt or Shoulder – $1.99/lb

Heritage Farms Boneless Chicken Breasts – $1.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgWild-Caught Mahi-Mahi Fillets, previously frozen – $5.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgAtlantic Salmon Fillets – $5.99/lb

Farm-Raised Catfish, fresh – $5.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgExtra-Large White Shrimp, raw 21-25 ct – $7.99/lb
*Sold in 2-lb frozen package for $15.98

Private Selection Hummus, 10 oz – 2/$5
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Clarion Ledger Coupon Inserts 10/13/14

newspaper and coffee (1014 x 713)This week there were 2 Clarion Ledger coupon inserts. The three P&G paper goods coupons are a nice bonus!

The Ziploc and multiple Bayer product coupons will pair well with the Saving Star One-or-Many offers available.

There is also a FREE Sam’s Club 30-Day Membership coupon in the Red Plum insert. You have to activate it by October 26. You must sign up in-store, and one Free membership allowed per household. Valid for new members only.



Redplum 10/12

$2 off Aleve product, 40 ct.+ (exp 12/13)
$1 off Aleve-D product (exp 12/13)
$1 off Alka-Seltzer product, 12 ct.+ (exp 12/13)
$2 off Alka-Seltzer Plus item (exp 11/15)
$1 off Bayer aspirin, 20 ct.+ (exp 12/13)
.25/1 Bounty, Charmin or Puffs products, excl singles and trial (exp 11/30)
.75/2 Bounty, Charmin or Puffs products, excl singles and trial (exp 11/30)
$1.50/3 Bounty, Charmin or Puffs products, excl singles and trial (exp 11/30)
$1 off Bronkaid product (exp 12/31)
.50/1 Cheer or Era detergent, 25 oz+ (exp 11/30)
$1/2 Cheer or Era detergent, 25 oz+ (exp 11/30)
$1 off Citracal product (exp 12/13)
$2.50 off CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara, excl trial size (exp 11/30)
$3/2 CoverGirl lip items, excl Blast Flipstick, Lipperfection lipstick (exp 11/30)
$5/3 CoverGirl lip items, excl Blast Flipstick, Lipperfection lipstick (exp 10/26)
$1 off Crest Complete Whitening+Scope, Complete Whitening+Scope Outlast or Complete Whitening+Scope DualBlast toothpaste, 4.1 oz+ (exp 11/30)
.40/1 Fleischmann’s Yeast (exp 11/8)
$1 off
Flintstones multivitamin or supplements (exp 12/13)
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Pampers Deal at CVS – $5.37 per pack!



Ibotta released a Pampers credit that makes for a good diaper deal at CVS through Friday!

Buy 4 Pampers jumbo packs @ $8.99 each
-Use two $1.50 Baby Dry printables
-Pay $32.96 plus tax out of pocket
-Receive $10 ECB (limit 1)
-Receive $1.50 Ibotta credit (exp 10/10)
=Net cost of $21.46, or $5.37 each


If you just want to get one package, here’s how that scenario works out.

Buy 1 Pampers jumbo pack – $8.99
-Use $1.50 Baby Dry printable
-Pay $7.49 out of pocket
-Receive $1.50 Ibotta credit (exp 10/10)
=Net cost of $5.99


There is also a bonus code affiliated with the Ibotta offer. After you redeem the offer, you should get a 50 point bonus code sent to your email address you have with Ibotta.



Note: Some of the links above are my referral links. You can read my disclosure policy here.


Kroger Delta Deals 10/8/14

The Kroger Delta Deals include a Free Milk Promotion when you buy 4 participating items. Only 3 items were included in the ad, but generally there are more. I will try to update the list as soon as possible.

This is also a great week for produce, coffee, and pet items!



Produce & Meat

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgBartlett or Bosc Pears – $0.99/lb
Lunchbox Apples – 3/$0.99

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgGala Apples, 5 lb bag – $3.99

Avocados – $0.99
-Possibly use Free Rotel can when you buy 3 Avocados from Mexico in 9/21 Red Plum insert

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgHothouse Tomatoes – $0.99/lb
-Receive $0.25 Checkout 51 credit (starts 10/9)
=$0.74 for one pound

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSimple Truth Organic Whole Carrots, 2 lb – $1.48
-Receive $0.25 Checkout 51 credit (starts 10/9)
=$1.23, or 62 cents/lb

USDA Choice T-Bone or Strip Steaks – $7.99/lb

Pork Picnic, bone-in – $1.99/lb

Heritage Farms Boneless Chicken Breasts – $1.99/lb

Bolthouse Farms Juice – B1G1 Free

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSabra Hummus – 2/$5
-Use $1 printable
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