Kroger Delta Deals 5/20/15

The Kroger Delta deals have some great prices for Memorial Day! Be sure to check out the butter/eggs deal, corn, sunscreen, and charcoal prices.

There are also some Ibotta credits that expire at the end of Sunday, so be sure to turn in any receipts by then!

For Saving Star members, you get an extra $2 when you redeem 2 “One or Many” deals or $5 if you redeem 3 “One or Many” deals in May. A great extra bonus!


Produce & Meat

Cherries – $3.99/lb

Peaches or Nectarines – $2.29/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgMangoes – $0.99
-Receive $0.25 Checkout 51 credit (Pick Your Own Offer)

Whole Seedless Watermelon – $3.99

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgOrganic Blackberries or Raspberries, 6 oz – 2/$5

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgGreen Bell Peppers – 2/$1

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgCucumbers – 2/$1
-Receive $0.25 Checkout 51 credit (Pick Your Own Offer)

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgGreen Beans – $0.99/lb
Yellow or Zucchini Squash – $0.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSweet Corn – 4/$1
-Receive 20% Saving Star credit (exp 5/25)

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSimple Truth Organic Grape Tomatoes, 10 oz – 2/$5

Simple Truth Organic Baby Carrots, 16 oz – 2/$3

Pork Back Ribs – $2.88/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSanderson Farms Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs – $1.49/lb

Heritage Farm Boneless Chicken Breasts or Thighs – $1.99/lb

Hormel Pork Tenderloin – B1G1 Free

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgExtra Large White Shrimp, raw 21-25 ct – $7.99/lb
*Sold in a 2 lb bag for $15.98

Beblue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgrnard’s Crawfish, whole and cooked – $3.99/lb
*Sold in a 5 lb bag for $19.95

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Sam’s Club Instant Savings May-June 2015

Sams club instant savings


The new Sam’s Club Instant Savings event began yesterday. This time it runs May 13 – June 7, 2015.

You can preview the sale booklet on their website.

Remember, you cannot use paper coupons at Sam’s, but you can submit receipts for credits through Ibotta, Saving Star, and Checkout 51 to maximize your savings! I will write up a post when I have a chance to compile the list of items in this catalog that are compatible with these programs.



Note: Some of the links above are my referral links. You can read my disclosure policy here.


Kroger Delta Deals 5/13/15

The digital coupons you can use up to 5x in one transaction continue this week. On the Kroger coupon site, they say those coupons expire 5/17.  I am not sure if they will honor them next Monday and Tuesday or not.

There is also a 3-day sale this weekend. All 4 items are excellent deals. Be sure to watch the limits, though.



Produce & Meat

Blueberries, pint – 2/$4

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgBlackberries or Raspberries, 6 oz – 2/$4
Organic Blackberries, 6 oz – 2/$5

Peaches or Nectarines – $1.99/lb

Red Cherries – $4.99/lb

Cantaloupe – $1.99

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgAvocado – $0.99
-Receive $0.25 Checkout 51 credit (Pick Your Own offer)

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgRed, Yellow, or Orange Bell Peppers – 4/$5
-Receive $0.25 Checkout 51 credit (Pick Your Own offer)

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSweet Corn on the Cob – 3/$0.99

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgRed Tomatoes on the Vine – $0.99/lb
-Receive $0.20 Ibotta credit

Vidalia Sweet Onions – $0.99/lb
-Receive $0.20 Ibotta credit

Bolthouse Juice Blends, 15.2 oz – B1G1 Free

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgBoneless Pork Loin – $1.88/lb
Sanderson Farm Boneless Chicken Breast – $1.99/lb

USDA Choice Boneless Top Sirloin Steak – $6.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgAtlantic Salmon Fillets, fresh farm-raised – $6.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgExtra Large White Shrimp Frozen, 21-25 ct raw – $7.99/lb
*Sold in 2 lb bag for $15.98

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Kroger Delta Deals 5/6/15

Look for items in this week’s Kroger Delta ad that have coupons you can use up to 5 times in one transaction.

If you use Ibotta, this would be a great week to make some home-made salsa! They have rebates on mangoes, avocados, onions, tomatoes, limes, cheese, and chips



Produce & Meat

Strawberries – $1.77

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgMangoes – $0.99

Whole Pineapples – 2/$5

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgAvocados – $0.99
-Receive 20% Saving Star credit (exp 5/11)
-Receive $0.20 Ibotta credit (exp 5/10)
=$0.59 for one

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgVidalia Sweet Onions – $0.89/lb
-Receive $0.20 Ibotta credit (exp 5/10)

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgRed Tomatoes on the Vine – $0.99/lb
-Receive $0.20 Ibotta credit (exp 5/10)

Tri Color Bell Peppers, 3 pk – $3.99

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSweet Corn – 3/$0.99

Dole Salad Blends, 5-12 oz – $2.49
-Use $1 Kroger digital coupon (use up to 5x)

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgOrganic Kale – $0.99
Simple Truth Organic Grape Tomatoes, 10 oz – $2.49

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSanderson Farms Chicken Fryer, Drums, or Thighs – $0.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgPork Picnic – $0.99/lb

USDA Choice Ribeye Steaks – $8.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgWhite Shrimp Frozen, 31-40 ct raw – $7.99/lb
*Sold in 2 lb bag for $15.98

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Kroger Delta Deals 4/29/15

This is a slower ad week as it relates to coupons, so be sure to try to buy only the items you really need. I am hoping that new coupons will come out on Friday, and this Sunday’s newspaper could have up to 3 inserts!

Until then, check out the prices on produce, toilet paper, and coffee prices.

There is also a new Summer Fuel Points Pass – earn 2x Fuel Points when you shop Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Download it once and use it through August 2!



Produce, Meat, & Deli

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgRed Seedless Grapes – $1.49/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgBroccoli Crowns – $0.99/lb
Red, Yellow, or Orange Bell Peppers – 4/$5

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSimple Truth Organic Baby Carrots, 16 oz – $0.99
Simple Truth Organic Spring Mix, 16 oz – $3.99

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgBoneless Pork Loin – $1.88/lb

La Tortilla Hand made Style Corn Tortillas – B1G1 Free

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We Will Go Ministries – Needs for May



We Will Go is a wonderful organization that ministers to the people in downtown Jackson. A major outreach is their Sunday evening meals, which include a main dish, vegetable, dessert, bread and a drink for about 150 people. If you know of a team that would like to volunteer and provide a meal, the dates available are

May 3rd, 10th, and 24th
June 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th


Also, their pantry shelves are getting very low and are in need of canned goods. Suggested items to donate are

Meaty soups
Meaty pastas
Canned meat (Vienna sausage, tuna, chicken, spam, etc.)
Veggies of all varieties
Dry Pasta
Ramen Noodles
Peanut Butter & Jelly


If you can help with either of the needs above, please contact Melissa Wilson at or (541) 513-0533. You can read more about their various ministries on their website.


Clarion Ledger Coupon Inserts 4/26/15

There are some good allergy coupons in this week’s paper. Also, Seventh Generation has some rare ones in the inserts, and Family Dollar has several store coupons.



RedPlum 4/26

$5 off Allegra allergy item 24 ct. +, excl D and children’s (exp 5/24)
$3 off Allegra Children’s allergy item (exp 5/24)
$3 off Allegra-D allergy & congestion item (exp 5/24)
$4 off Allegra Allergy 24 hr, 15 ct or Gelcap, 8 ct, excl D and children’s (exp 5/24)
$1 off Invisible Glass Premium glass cleaner (exp 6/30)
.50/1 Mahatma or Water Maid rice (exp 7/31)
$5 off Nasacort allergy 24 HR item (exp 5/24)
$2 off Poise pads or liners, excl 14-26 ct. liners or 10 ct. pads (exp 5/30)
$1 off Purex Fabulously Fresh (Family Dollar coupon) (exp 5/10)
$1 off Seventh Generation dish liquid (exp 6/30)
$2 off Seventh Generation laundry detergent (exp 6/30)
$1 off Seventh Generation wipes pk. (exp 6/30)

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Clarion Ledger Coupon Inserts 4/19/15

Smart Source 4/19

.75/3 Betty Crocker Helper or Ultimate Helper (exp 6/13)
.50/1 Biz liquid or powder (exp 5/31)
$2 off Clairol Age Defy hair color, excl trial size (exp 5/31)
$2 off Clairol hair color, excl Age Defy and trial size (exp 5/31)
$3 off Clairol Perfect 10 hair color, excl trial size (exp 5/3)
$1 off Dryel starter kit or refill (exp 5/31)
$1 off Maxwell House iced coffee concentrate (exp 5/24)
$3/2 Oxy Acne Medication products (exp 5/17)
$1 off Oxy Acne Medication product (exp 5/17)
.50/1 Oxydol liquid or powder (exp 5/31)
$1 off Sabra hummus, 10 oz + (exp 6/30)
Free Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush refill wyb Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush starter kit & caddy (exp 5/30)
B1G1 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel (exp 5/30)
.50/1 Speed Stick deodorant, 2.7 oz + (exp 5/9)
$2 off Speed Stick Gear deodorant or body spray, excl 0.5-1.8 oz (exp 5/9)
.50/1 Speed Stick Lady deodorant, 2.3 oz + (exp 5/9)
.55/1 Tyson refrigerated Grilled & Ready item (exp 5/10)
$2 off Vidal Sassoon Pro Series hair color (exp 5/31)
$3 off Vidal Sassoon Salonist hair color, excl trial size (exp 5/31)
$1/2 Werther’s Original caramels (exp 7/31)
$1 off Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus mascara (exp 5/3)
.75/1 Wet n Wild product (exp 5/3)



Kroger Delta Deals 4/22/15

Week 2 of the Buy 4, Save $4 Instantly Mega Event continues. There are several great deals; be sure to look for the ones that pair the sale with a coupon and possibly a credit! There are several items that are part of the sale, but I have not had a chance to go get prices. Instead, I went ahead and listed coupons and credits that paired with those brands.

There is also a 4-Day Sale that begins on Thursday.

Don’t forget the 4x Fuel Points when you purchase gift cards promotion. This will last only until April 28, 2015!


Produce & Meat

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgCantaloupe – 2/$3
Mangoes – $0.99

Blackberries – 2/$4

Organic Blackberries, 6 oz – 2/$5

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgGreen Beans – $0.99/lb
Yellow or Zucchini Squash – $0.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSweet Onions – $0.79/lb
-Receive 20% Saving Star credit
-Receive $0.25 Ibotta credit (exp 4/27)
=As low as $0.38 for one pound

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgRomaine, Red, or Green Leaf Lettuce – $0.99/lb
-Receive $0.25 Ibotta credit (exp 4/27)
=$0.74 for one pound

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgSweet Corn – 3/$0.99

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgTri-Color Bell Peppers, 3 pk – $3.99
=$1.33 each

Sweet Mini Peppers, 1 lb – $1.99

Organic Kale – $0.99

Heritage Farm Boneless Chicken Breasts or Thighs – $1.99/lb

blue-scissors-Custom-2_thumb19_thumb.jpgPork Picnic, bone-in – $0.99/lb

Bernard’s Crawfish, whole cooked – $3.99/lb
*Sold in a 5-lb bag for $19.95

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Kroger April Mega Event Deals

The Kroger April Mega Event has several items on the brochure list that will pair well with Checkout 51, Saving Star, and Ibotta credits. I have also included a few high-value coupons I knew about. Be sure to check the full ad list for more great deals!




-Receive $0.25 Ibotta credit if individual bottles included (exp 4/20)

Gevalia Coffee, bag
-Receive $0.25 Ibotta credit (exp 4/20)

Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee
-Receive $0.25 Ibotta credit (exp 4/20)

Maxwell House Coffee
-Receive $0.25 Ibotta credit (exp 4/20)

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Select Starts
-Receive $1 Ibotta credit (exp 4/20)

Rice Select Texmati Brown Rice or White Rice
-Use $2 printable

Seattle’s Best Coffee, ground
-Receive $0.25 Ibotta credit (exp 4/20)

Soy Vay Marinade and Sauces
-Receive $1 Checkout 51 credit (exp 4/22, limit 1 redemption) (can upgrade to $1.50)

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